How Technology Has Escalated Since The Internet Was Invented

To say that the Internet has improved lives is an understatement. It didn’t just improve lives, it drastically changed people, how they interact, how they learn, and how they view the world.

Although there is no definite date as to when the Internet was first born, most accounts claim that it was first used around 1969 to the late 1970s. It was first created on the premise that more computers were built and these computers needed to communicate each other to relay information for military purposes. Together with military agenda, the Internet was invented so that professors and scientists alike could communicate discoveries and data more easily.

But even before the Internet was born, technology was already taking place. By definition, technology is an application of science so that it can be used to improve lives. It has a very practical goal if you have noticed. Nonetheless, technology has greatly escalated with the Internet’s aid. Here are some of its fields that rose rapidly thanks to the Internet.


There is no doubt that communication was and is the most obvious improvement. With the help of emails and social media sites, one person can connect with one or a number of people from different parts of the world. Everything happens online and in real-time. There is no need to cross borders to talk to someone in this day and age.

Moreover, file-sharing has become easier as files are now accessed through emails or shared folders in the cloud. Files like videos, photos, and documents can be shared with anyone as long as they are given access (usually through a link). Because of that, technology has paved the way for more collaborations and engagements with different cultures and countries.


Ever since the Internet was made available in mobile devices, the birth of TNCs (transportation network companies) was made possible. TNCs are companies that transport people and goods via a platform found in the riders’ and drivers’ application. A famous example of this is Uber. Uber provides a platform that connects both rider and driver so that they get one person from point A to point B.

Technology has also improved in terms of calculating the most efficient routes for vehicles on the road. With the aid of the Internet, travel time can be calculated based on the traffic and construction sites. This has been beneficial for businesses and private vehicles.


Last but not the least is information. With the Internet, you can find almost anything online. Without the Internet, Google, Yahoo, or Bing would not exist and along with it are millions of information used in discovering diseases, optimizing supply chains, and even cooking dishes. The Internet has made it possible for people to learn things right away and to get a hold of a vast range of information.

Because information is readily available, more and more people have learned how to improve their own lives even without consulting an expert. You can do extensive research just with the books and journals posted on university archives and databases. It is in those websites that people learn how to connect one thing to another to produce insight that would help the human race.